The roots of Love Divine Fellowship trace back to 1994 in downtown Tucson when Pastor Douglas Baker was inspired to establish a Christian outreach focused on taking to others in our community the Gospel of Jesus Christ that so completely changed his life. Regular services were held in a humble 800 square foot converted storefront, as well as on the street in the heart of the city. Services were also conducted twice weekly at a local prison. Additionally, regular trips were made across the border into Mexico to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help build and support other Christian fellowships. Brother Baker worked full time for many years while concurrently leading this work, pastoring the flock, providing for his family, ministering overseas, and meeting with individuals and families to provide guidance and counseling.

After a few years holding meetings in the original storefront and then one other, the fellowship was able to purchase a small church property on the East side of Tucson where they continued to meet and to grow. Eventually as the membership continued to grow, it was evident that a larger facility was needed and so in 2015, a larger property was purchased on South Pantano Road just South of Golf Links Road that meets the current needs of the fellowship and provides room for continued growth.

The fellowship continues to have a focus on missions and outreach which includes works in various countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and in Mexico.